Advanced Features

AI Technologies in E-Commerce (AspectCart-AI only)

  •  Elevate your images: Effortlessly enhance your product photos, let AI automatically remove backgrounds for a polished look.
  •  Automatic feature completion: Ask AspectCart to complete the features and specifications of your products, saving you time and effort.
  •  Precision in descriptions: Request AI-generated descriptions and specifications that are accurate and tailored to your products.
  •  Polished product titles: Seek assistance in correcting and refining your product titles for maximum appeal.
  •  Connections with suppliers: Connect your online store to the B2B online services of your suppliers for more immediate functions, such as automatic orders, automatic image downloads, automatic price changes, and quantity availability. Any number of suppliers with different protocols is supported.
  •  Automated stock management: AspectCart can automatically place orders for out-of-stock items, ensuring your inventory remains well-stocked.
  •  Competitor Price Analysis: Gain a competitive advantage with your awareness of the prices and market position of your competitors' products.
  •  Tailored SEO optimization: Optimize each product individually to improve its search engine ranking and increase the visibility.
  •  Social media promotion: Leverage automation to effortlessly promote your products across various social networks.
  •  Partner e-shops: Extend your reach by creating partner / subdealer / affiliate e-shops which promote your products in a drop-shipping manner.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is ushering in a new era for e-commerce and AspectCart-AI is a comprehensive solution. It offers a range of capabilities, including photo enhancement with automatic background removal, product feature identification, accurate description and specification writing, and product title corrections. Additionally, it seamlessly connects to suppliers' B2B web services, automates out-of-stock item ordering, analyzes competitor product prices, and optimizes products for search engines. Furthermore, it can automatically promote products on social networks and create subdealer e-shops for partners and representatives.

With a user-friendly interface compatible with various devices, businesses of all sizes can effortlessly create stunning e-commerce websites. Order tracking, stock management, and bulk operations become easy. AspectCart-AI takes care of tasks like generating plagiarism-free product descriptions, optimizing search engine visibility, and promoting products across social networks. It also supports multiple stores, connections with marketplaces and drop-shipping.